Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Trends are fun to notice.

To me something is trendy when it becomes more visible or ubiquitous or in use to a degree greater than that in a not-too-distant past. Some trends carry interesting stories behind them, some don’t. But they all say something about how we live our lives, about what’s happening to our tastes and styles, to our economies, about what we need and what we crave. At the very least, they say something about the creative power of the people behind them.

Even more fun would be to spot trends before everyone becomes aware of them, and there are businesses and websites dedicated to that endeavor. I don’t have all that much forecasting ability, so I’m gearing this blog to a more modest goal of commenting on things that are trending currently, about trends or fads I’ve noticed or learned about. And by things that are trending I mean anything, whether a kind of food or a book or an activity or fashion  or even a person.
Being that this is a blog, the reporting on it will be personal, which is to say, based on what I observe and learn while going about my daily life. I write with no authority other than that of a middle-aged professional with training and experience in journalism, working and living in Miami, FL. I have a pre-teen daugther through whom I absorb a whole different world of music, fashion, gadgets and entertainment.
I may end up missing the forest for the trees or simply lost in the woods. But I’ll record what I saw along the way. And I’ll be wondering if you’ve noticed the same things. 

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